Cooking Classes

Easy weekday lunch  (on offer upon request – one or two weeks notice required)

Three Greek – inspired dishes, including a salad/appetiser, main course & dessert (subject to preference & diet). We come to your house and help you and your friends prep and cook a delicious and easy lunch.

Price subject to the menu planned


Extra courses (available on request)

Greek piesThis event covers one of the staples of Greek cooking, pies. Wrapped in crunchy olive oil phyllo pastry and filled with a variety of ingredients, pies are delicious, nutritious and once you learn how to make them, you’ll never stop!

Salads – In this session we focus on tasty and refreshing salads that are easy to prepare, versatile and perfect for celebrating fresh seasonal ingredients.

Greek tasting menu – If you’re looking for a quick taste of Greek cuisine, look no further: in this session, we will be giving insider’s information and tips on Greek cooking, while preparing a few popular dishes (vegetarian option available).

For more information or to book one or more of the above cooking classes please email


Healthy and colourful lent-inspired meal 2016 (suggested dates 23/02 & 25/02) This event is now sold out

The first meal before the 40 day lent leading to Easter is delicious and fuss-free, filled with vegetarian dishes and sea food.  We’ll help you prepare light and flavourful traditional dishes which will probably be appearing in family menus all year round.

Price:  £60 each (includes all ingredients)